Great Job Opportunities in South Bend

15 Sep 2014

South Bend, Indiana is a small, warm thriving Jewish Community complete with 90 Orthodox families, two Orthodox Synagogues, a kollel and all of the amenities needed for a high quality of life. The community boasts a low cost of living, and a voucher program to help subsidize the cost of Day School and affordable housing.

Michall Goldman, the Executive Director of CDI (Community Development Initiative) is determined to assist families looking to relocate find employment in the community.

Here are just a few opportunities currently available. If you are interested in any of those listed or are looking for more information about the community, please call 574-261-3051 or email

1) There is a new nursing home opening in the community and there are several job positions opening:

2) Computer Programmers Wanted

3) Real Estate Opportunities

4) Kollel positions