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Nussach HaTefillah

June 16, 2016, by

The role of the Nussach HaTefillah Initiative, spearheaded by Cantor Chaim Dovid Berson, Cantor of the Jewish Center in Manhattan, is simple and focused:  To make Nussach HaTefillah resources easily accessible to everyone. What is this Nusach Hatefilah? Cantor Joel Kaplan, Congregation Beth Shalom of Lawrence, NY & Honorary President of the Cantorial Council of […]

SPIRIT Programs for Active Retirees

November 15, 2013, by

In order to fully address the needs of the entire community, the Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Engagement has introduced programming for seniors and retirees.

Jewish Communities

February 27, 2013, by

Each year, the Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Engagement holds a Jewish Community Fair. Communities from around the country are invited to participate and showcase their community to individuals and families looking to move out of the New York area. The information we collect from the communities is a valuable resource for people seeking a fresh start.

Beur HaTefillah

February 12, 2013, by

A comprehensive Tefillah Initiative has been developed to help inspire a greater appreciation and participation in tefillah, geared for both Rabbanim as well as membership. There are a wide range of options available for participation in the Tefillah initiative.

Positive Jewish Parenting

February 12, 2013, by

In an ongoing effort to address timely and relevant issues impacting upon families, the Department of Community Services has initiated Positive Jewish Parenting workshops and conferences for communities, synagogues, and schools throughout the country.

Positive Jewish Marriages

February 12, 2013, by

Enhancing and strengthening the quality of marriage requires ongoing nurturing to be successful. Workshops stress the essential ingredients of developing and maintaining positive relationships through presentations by mental health professionals.

Eating Disorder Awareness

February 12, 2013, by

Over the past several years, societal pressures with regard to body image have contributed to a dramatic increase in eating disorders in the Jewish community which underscores the importance of addressing this problem in communities as part of our “Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Shuls” initiative.