Increasing Membership and Involvement through Outreach

12 Feb 2013

The Orthodox Union seeks to bring marginally affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish men and women and their families into communal synagogue life by empowering synagogues and their membership to reach out to them.

A “How-To” guide entitled ‘Reaching Out…Changing Lives’ has been developed for reaching out to unaffiliated, marginally affiliated, and those new to Torah observance in order to aid in the development of a heightened sense of Jewish identity and identification. This guide, together with an accompanying workshop, focuses on the “nuts and bolts” of how the communal synagogue can initiate an outreach program and incorporate it into its overall mission. An updated colorful poster with the new OU logo of, “Welcome to Our Shul” is available FREE of charge for prominent display, expressing a welcoming attitude to all.

Recommended reading:

Reaching Out…Changing Lives
A congregational resource for reaching out to individuals and families through the synagogue and its membership

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