Shabbat of Unity

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Our tradition teaches us that the most  effective weapon in the arsenal of the Jewish people is our unity. Even the wicked King Ahab, an idol worshipper, met with success in his wars to defend our people in the merit of Jewish unity.

We therefore join with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and others who are concerned with the welfare and safety of the State of Israel and its inhabitants in declaring this coming Shabbat, October 16-17, Parshat Noach, a Shabbat of Unity.

We urge our hundreds of constituent synagogues to recite appropriate prayers during this weekend. We ask them as well to enhance their observance of Shabbat; to intensify their Torah study; to increase acts of compassion and charity; and to reach out to other Jews with gestures of good fellowship.

We commend and admire  the citizens of Israel for their courage and determination not to surrender to terror. We assure them that we stand with them at this moment and for the duration of their struggle for peace and justice.

We turn to the Almighty in the knowledge that mankind alone cannot achieve the peace which He prescribes without Heavenly Help, seyata d’shmaya. With hope and with tears we utter the time honored prayer, “may He who makes peace in His celestial realm make peace upon us and upon all of Israel, Amen.”

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