What’s New on OU Torah

Here’s a look at some of the new series and posts now available on OU Torah!

Years ago, before there was an OU Torah website, the OU featured divrei Torah on the parsha by Rabbi Yaacov Haber, a renowned educator and creator of the OU’s Pardes Project. Recently, a reader contacted us and asked us about this material. We were able to locate these articles and are restoring them to OU Torah, along with new material from Rabbi Haber’s website, yaacovhaber.com. OU Torah is pleased to present the new material under the name Torah Insights and the restored material under the name Torah Insights Classic. (As NBC used to say, “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!”)

Daniel Adler has delivered shiurim on a number of well-received topics on OU Torah. These include series on The 19 Letters, The Jewish Dietary Laws and, on OU Holidays, on Shabbos. Now, Daniel Adler delivers a shiur on The Laws of Brachos. These shiurim are sure to provide listeners with concise and practical information that will come in handy literally every day!

Rabbi Simi Lerner is new to OU Torah. A seasoned educator, Rabbi Lerner returned to Israel after lecturing in UK universities. He now teaches Jewish philosophy and Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch for a number of schools and hosts a popular weekly podcast, “Judaism from Within.” On OU Torah, Rabbi Lerner presents Horeb, a study of Rav Hirsch’s philosophy on law and observance – check it out!

News in Brief:

OU Kosher’s series on Yoreh Deah is back, with new shiurim from Rabbi Eli Gersten and Rabbi Gavriel Price, among others. Current shiurim address the laws of bishul akum.

Your humble author (me) is proud to present The Power of Amen, explaining in detail the laws and significance of this important word, based on the writings of Rav Yehoshua Alter Wildman.

In time for Shavuos, OU Torah is featuring Rabbi Shalom Rosner’s shiurm on Rus, part of Rabbi Rosner’s long-running series on Nach.

Rabbi Dovid Katz on Jewish History just started a new topic on OU Torah: Jews in the Kingdom of Poland. Join us for this six-part series!

Sorry – there’s no Harry’s Video Blog on parsha this week! Rather, Harry Rothenberg addresses the tragedy in Meron.

Finally, in OU Holidays, Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein presents Three More Topics for Shavuos Study. This year’s topics include tosefes Shabbos (adding on to Shabbos), hamotzi me’chaveiro (the rules of possession in Jewish law) and ain maavirin al hamitzvos (we don’t pass up mitzvos). These – and previous years’ topics – are sure to enhance your Shavuos night learning and your Jewish knowledge in general!

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