What Do Incest and Harlotry Have to Do with Moshiach?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing with you some of the many noted speakers whom you can hear at the OU’s upcoming Torah New York event, Sunday, April 29, indoors at Citi Field. One of these is Mrs. Michal Horowitz, who will be speaking on the very provocative subject of “Incest, Harlotry, and a Moabite Princess – Dubious Lineage or Royal Ambitions? An Exploration of the Mothers of King David.”

Mrs. Horowitz is an acclaimed adult educator who teaches classes throughout the Five Towns and Far Rockaway area. She specializes in the weekly parsha, holidays, tefillah (prayer) and machshava (Jewish thought). Not only is Mrs. Horowitz a popular guest speaker and scholar-in-residence, this Shavuos will mark her third year as a featured speaker for the YU RIETS Shavuos Yarchei Kallah.

You’ll have to wait for Torah New York to find out how such scandals as incest and harlotry contribute to the royal lineage. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy Mrs. Horowitz’ equally intriguing shiur from last year’s event, Understanding Yosef & His Brothers: Sibling Rivalry, Attempted Murder and Manipulation.