In Time for Purim! More Than Six Dozen NEW Daily Learning Programs!

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This Purim! From the people who brought you Nach Yomi, enjoy these NEW daily learning programs!

  Everybody’s favorite Bible story is Noah and the Ark but one week a year isn’t nearly enough time to delve into the flood! Now you can study parshas Noach every day with the OU’s Noach Yomi – but that’s not all!
  Is your grasp of the Tur kind of rusty? Brush up on it with the sefer Bayis Chadash by Rav Yoel ben Shmuel Sirkis in a convenient 27-year cycle as part of the OU’s Bach Yomi!
Ready for Succos? Probably not! There are way too many rules about what can be used for the roof of a succah that you’ll never be able to review them all in time! That is, unless you sign up to receive the OU’s new Schach Yomi!
  Was one of King Ahasuerus’ advisors secretly Daniel? It’s not quite clear! Get to know four verses in the Book of Esther really well with the OU’s 16-month Hasach Yomi!
  If you pray for rain when you’re not supposed to – or if you don’t pray for rain when you should – must you repeat Shemoneh Esrei? Find out in the OU’s 15-second Mashiv HaRuach Yomi! (Yeah, we probably could have just told you that one straight out, but sign up for it anyway.)
  Finally, what should you put on tortilla chips? Cheese? Chili? Refried beans? Guacamole? The options are endless, so how will you ever know if red onions go better with black olives or green olives? Help is here at last with the OU’s Nacho Yomi, a simple eight-year cycle that will have you ready to serve gourmet nachos in time for your son’s bar mitzvah (assuming that your son is currently no older than five!).

Also forthcoming: Pesach Yomi on the laws of Passover, Rokeiach Yomi on the works of Eleazar ben Yehuda ben Kalonymus; Tapuach Yomi on choosing the proper apples in season; Yiftach Yomi about the Biblical judge Jephthah; and Korach Yomi, an infinite cycle that will tell the same joke over and over every day until the end of time!

All this and more coming soon to OU Torah!*







*Not really. Happy Purim!