Support for Tzahal in “Operation Shield and Arrow”

09 May 2023

Today is Lag B’Omer, a joyous day in the Jewish calendar. While on days like this many omit the daily recitation of the twentieth Psalm which asks G-d to respond to us at a time of distress, today we ought to say it with extra fervor.

Our sincere prayers are with the members of TZAHAL, the Israel Defense Forces, for their safety and success in “Operation Shield and Arrow” aimed at the leaders and terrorists associated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (“PIJ”) with the intent of defending innocent Israeli citizens from Islamic terrorism. PIJ rejects the right of Israel to exist and regularly aims rockets and other tools of terror at innocent Israelis. Just last week, PIJ launched 104 rockets at Israeli towns and cities.

We unequivocally support the brave men and women of the IDF in their mission to defend Israel. We pray to the Almighty that all the pilots, soldiers, and others conducting this operation are kept from harm and return safely home. והנחילם אלקינו ישועה ועטרת נצחון תעטרם ונתת שלום בארץ ושמחת עולם ליושביה. “May God grant the defenders of our land deliverance and crown them with the crown of victory. Grant peace in the land and everlasting joy to its inhabitants.” Amen.