…and the living is easy. And Pirkei Avos is a summer favorite!

Did you know… OU Torah has a series of shiurim covering all of Pirkei Avos as part of the Mishna Yomit program (which is currently finishing tractate Bechoros and starting tractate Arachin on July 13).

Taught by OU Director of Kosher Education Rabbi Yosef Grossman, these engaging audio lectures will enlighten the listener with fascinating insights into this seminal work of Jewish thought and ethics.

So check out Pirkei Avos and experience this familiar sefer in a way you never have before! (Please note: each lecture covers two mishnayos. Avos 1:1 comes after the last mishna in tractate Avodah Zara, taught by yours truly. You can skip me and get straight to Rabbi Grossman on Pirkei Avos at about 7:50.)