Rewards for Review: A Special Announcement for Daf HaShavua Participants (Timely!)

Following is a special announcement from Daf-A-Week:


See what a difference chazara makes. Any chazara is great but what we’re referring to is a chazara of just the shakla v’tarya inside.

10-Blatt Test

There will be a shakla v’tarya bechina on the first 10 blatt released (bl”n) by Sunday, Jan 1st. This bechina is sponsored by Elly Krieger, President – Funding Resources Mortgage Corp.

Raffle Details:  (Raffle is sponsored l’ulei nishmas Yosef ben Yitzchok Zev, A”H)

Raffle Prizes

1st place winner $500 cash

2nd place winner $100 cash

3rd place winner $50 cash

Chazora Tally Sheet

Please send in your tally sheet, including your contact info, no later than Tuesday, January 3rd. Send it to with the word “raffle” in the subject line