OU Torah Welcomes HalachaShiur.com

We recently became aware of HalachaShiur.com, a web site dedicated to shiurim on a wide array of halachic topics, by Rabbi Aryeh Kerzner.

Rabbi Kerzner hails from Toronto. An alumnus of Passaic Yeshiva (Rav Meir Stern), Rabbi Kerzner studied under Rav Sholom Schecter in Yerushalayim, followed by a stint in Kollel Ahavat Shalom. During his time in Yerushalayim, he obtained semichos from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and Rabbi Aryeh Goldberg. Now back in Canada, Rabbi Kerzner currently learns in Kollel Pe’er HaTorah in Montreal and delivers his halacha shiurim on the aptly-named HalachaShiur.com.

We at OU Torah were quite eager to partner with Rabbi Kerzner and HalachaShiur.com but we faced a little dilemma: there was simply too much content! The HalachaShiur web site has shiurim in no fewer than 25 different categories. Among these are shiurim on Yoreh Deah, topics in Shas, family purity, bris milah and many other important areas. (You absolutely should check them out!)

Exercising great restraint, we were able to limit ourselves to five categories: halachos relating to brachos, kibud av v’eim (honoring our parents), bein adam l’chaveiro (interpersonal relations), business and a general “Shiurim on Halacha” for topics of interest that don’t fit any of the above. Rather than collect shiurim from these five categories into a single series – which would make it more difficult for listeners to find business halacha among the kibud av v’eim, or vice versa – we have taken the unprecedented step of giving each category its own series!

While we will generally feature only one of these series at a time, to inaugurate the series to OU Torah, we are currently spotlighting all five of them. So get acquainted with these substantive shiurim – many of which take only ten minutes or so to address their topics! Currently featured shiurim address such relevant questions as:

And there are plenty more timely and intriguing topics already in our archives, with more to come weekly!

Follow Rabbi Kerzner on halacha at OU Torah or by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android. And if you like these – which we think you will! – be sure to check out Rabbi Kerzner’s other 20 subject categories on HalachaShiur.com.