Oh, Happy Day!

Did you know that OU Torah has a sister site named OU Holidays? Look up: there it is in the bar at the top of the page, the tab just to the right of Torah. Have you checked it out?

What you’ll find at OU Holidays is just what the name suggests – facts about holidays, articles about holidays, shiurim about holidays – even special holiday recipes! (When no holiday is around, you can still visit OU Holidays for content about Shabbos. Actually, you could probably use the Shabbos content whether or not a holiday is around, so forget I said anything.)

So from Rosh Hashana to Succos, from Chanukah to Purim, from Pesach to Shavuos – and of course, the OU’s acclaimed Tisha b’Av web casts – you’ll find it all* on OU Holidays (www.ou.org/holidays).




*Within reason. There probably aren’t any Tisha b’Av recipes.