New and Improved!

We hope that you’re enjoying the new Nach Yomi cycle, now featuring shiurim from both the OU’s Shoshana Grossman Nach Yomi and the OU Women’s Initiative’s new Torat Imecha Nach Yomi. Nach Yomi has just started sefer Shoftim (the Book of Judges) so there’s still plenty of time to get on board!

The OU’s Nach Yomi offers plenty of resources to help you in your studies but the longest-running and most basic Nach Yomi aid just got even better. Thanks to input from the Women’s Initiative, the handy Nach Yomi calendar released every two years is now a combination calendar/checklist!

Even if you’ve already downloaded the current cycle’s calendar, you’re sure to want this new and improved version, all the better to keep track of your journey through the books of Neviim and Kesuvim (Prophets and Writings)!

Follow the OU’s Shoshana Grossman Nach Yomi, the OU Women’s Initiative’s Torat Imecha Nach Yomi, and all of our other great Nach programs on OU Torah and by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android. Also, visit the Women’s Division to register for additional content and sign up to receive the OU’s daily Nach Yomi email. Nach is for everyone; make it yours with Nach Yomi!