Nach Yomi Starts Tehillim on New Year’s Eve

This Shabbos, December 31, the OU’s Nach Yomi begins sefer Tehillim (the Book of Psalms). With the OU’s Nach Yomi, participants can complete the books of Neviim and Kesuvim (the Prophets and the Writings) in just under two years by studying a chapter a day. At 150 chapters, nearly one-quarter of the Nach Yomi cycle is dedicated to the study of Tehillim.

Because of its size, Tehillim is divided among five maggidei shiur:

Each lesson includes an audio shiur, access to the text of the Psalm in Hebrew and English, and an English-language synopsis of each Psalm in the vernacular.

Tehillim are not only recited when we call out for mercy on individuals and on our people as a whole, our daily liturgy is replete with psalms. By studying Tehillim, we can elevate our recitation of these songs of praise to God.

Nach Yomi can be found on or by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android. Users can also subscribe for the daily Nach Yomi email (and other OU Torah emails) here.