How Many Mitzvos are You Doing RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

Most mitzvos can only be performed at certain times. You can stuff your face with matzah all year long but it’s only a mitzvah at the seder. Blowing a shofar doesn’t accomplish anything if you do it on Chanukah. Even mitzvos that are not time-bound apply only under certain conditions. For example, you can only fulfill the mitzvah of mezuzah if you have a proper doorway and you can only pay your employees on time if you have employees. But did you know that there are a half-dozen mitzvos that one can fulfill ALL THE TIME?

Even if one were in a full-body cast (G-d forbid!), he could lie in his hospital bed accruing mitzvos. Not one, not two, but SIX mitzvos!

What are these mitzvos? Charlie Harary enlightens us in a series of short, engaging videos. Start with the first video, the mitzvah to know that G-d exists, and continue from there. You’re well on your way to constant mitzvah observance!