How Many Mitzvos Do You Learn a Day?

Did you know…? The OU has not one but two series that go through one of the 613 mitzvos each day!

Taryag, by OU Torah editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, is based on the Sefer HaChinuch. It presents the basis of each mitzvah, the underlying rationale (as best we understand it) and all sorts of interesting facts about each mitzvah.

Rabbi Rosner on Sefer HaMitzvos is presented, as the name would suggest, by Rabbi Shalom Rosner, already renowned for his shiurim on Daf Yomi and the weekly parsha. In each 20-minute audio lesson, Rabbi Rosner delves into a different mitzvah of the Torah.

Learn one or learn them both! You can find Taryag here, and Rabbi Rosner on Sefer HaMitzvos here.