Are You Listening?

In all likelihood, you have fulfilled your obligation in some mitzvah (probably many mitzvos) by responding “amen” to someone else’s recitation. This is based on the halachic principle of “shomeiah k’onah,” that hearing something is as if one did it himself. But how does that work? Is it as if one actually said it or is it as if he heard himself saying it? (There’s a difference!) Can one rely upon it as a first course of action? Does it work for everyone or just for one who is incapable of reciting the appropriate text himself? Hold that thought.

You are likely aware that Rabbi Moshe Elefant is maggid shiur for the OU’s Daf Yomi, the largest, most popular daf yomi shiur in the world. But did you know that Rabbi Elefant also delivers a second Daf Yomi shiur, entitled Daf Sugya, which delves more deeply into topics raised by the week’s daf? As part of the Daf Sugya series on mesechta Succah, Rabbi Elefant delivered a three-part series on the topic of shomeiah k’onah. You can begin with the first installment here.