Learn for Israel!

One of the things Jews worldwide are doing in support of our brethren undergoing harrowing and dangerous times in Israel is intensifying their study of Torah. To facilitate this endeavor, OU Torah is providing some recommendations for relevant Torah-study programs. (Of course, any Torah study may be undertaken in the merit of eretz Yisrael; these are just some relevant suggestions.)

* Lessons from Eretz Yisrael – Brief topics from the Talmud of Israel by Michael Linetsky;

* Rabbi Weil on Tefillah – In-depth analysis of daily, Shabbos and holiday prayers by Rabbi Steven Weil;

* Nach Yomi on Tehillim – The Book of Psalms elucidated chapter by chapter, by Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb and others;

* Talmud Yerushalmi – Tractate Brachos from the Jerusalem Talmud, taught by Rabbi Yosef Grossman;

* Mishna Yomit on Pirkei Avos – Insights into this seminal work of Jewish ethics, also by Rabbi Grossman;

* Sefer HaMitzvos – The 613 commandments as explained by Maimonides, taught by Rabbi Shalom Rosner;

* HaShoneh Halachos – two Jewish laws a day, a merit for life eternal, by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz.

Additionally, you may wish to read what Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, AKA the Jewish Ethicist, has to say about war.

May we increase our Torah, mitzvos, tefillah and tzedaka in the merit of eretz Yisrael and may our brothers and sisters there be swiftly redeemed from this danger.