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“Justice belongs to God” (Devarim 1:17), and He has entrusted us as human beings to apply it. While we may turn to God with questions about the pervasive injustice in the world that He created, we understand that in placing us on this earth God has turned to us and mandated us to fill it with truth and justice.

Today, almost 100 days since the heinous attacks of October 7th, the International Court of Justice in the Hague heard arguments from the government of South Africa making the case that Israel is committing genocide against the people of Gaza.

Just when we thought we had heard or seen it all, olam hafuch ra’iti, we now see the world completely upside down. Prime Minister Netanyahu put it simply: “A terror organization carries out the worst crime against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and now someone comes along to defend them in the name of the Holocaust.” Opposition leader Yair Lapid correctly said that “it is not Israel that is on trial today, but the integrity of the international community.”

The world continues to make us feel alone and alienated.

Once again, however, the United States government is there for us with support and moral clarity. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has said that the South African application is “meritless, counterproductive, and completely without any basis in fact whatsoever,” while State Department spokesman Matt Miller accurately noted that “it is those who are violently attacking Israel who continue to openly call for the annihilation of Israel and the mass murder of Jews.” A bipartisan letter from members of the House of Representatives adds that this trial shows “how far Israel’s enemies will go in their effort to demonize the Jewish state.” And just yesterday in Washington, a national OU delegation heard similar sentiments expressed clearly and strongly from a parade of leading Senators from both parties.  

We continue to be profoundly grateful for the ongoing and critical support of this country’s leadership and pray for their continued strength and wellbeing. 

We may consider the entire process ridiculous and dismiss the venue of the ICJ as yet another antisemitic international forum and a kangaroo court. Sadly, that would be a serious underestimation of the potential impact of this deeply flawed proceeding and the additional pressure it can bring to bear on Israel to cease firing before Hamas ceases to exist. What is happening in the Hague poses a profound risk to the Jewish state as it attempts to tie Israel’s hands and prevent it from defending itself as it must.

Most disturbing and tragically typical of current events and attitudes in this country as well is that this travesty is being carried out in the name of justice.

Humankind is failing miserably. We pray that God steps in, restoring true justice to a world that has lost it.