Information on Yom Tov Work Restrictions for Your Colleagues and Other Interested Parties

One of the more common inquiries we receive is about where to find information about the Jewish holidays that can be shared with schools, employers and co-workers. After all, how does one explain that he or she needs to take off for Shemini Atzeres when one’s colleagues have never even heard of it?

In truth, this information could already be found in several places on the OU web site but it wasn’t always easy to find. Now, OU Torah has consolidated the existing information, updated it, and posted it prominently under the title Work Restrictions and Other Obligations on Jewish Holidays.

Work Restrictions and Other Obligations on Jewish Holidays includes information on each holiday including its duration (one day? two days? eight days? nine days?), the approximate time it falls in the secular calendar (Lag b’Omer in May, Chanukah in December) and what kind of restrictions a holiday may or may not entail (Sabbath-like restrictions, limited restrictions on work, fasting, etc.).

If you need more information, Work Restrictions and Other Obligations on Jewish Holidays links to an 18-year calendar that shows the exact date of each holiday through 2034, as well as more details about each holiday’s observance.

We hope that users find this to be a useful resource. Stay tuned to OU Torah online or by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android, and visit OU Holidays for all your yom tov inspiration!