¿Habla usted español?

One of the most unique features on OU Torah (not that something can be “more” or “less” unique, since unique is an absolute, but just roll with it) is Perlas de la Tora by Rabbi Israel Lashak, OU Torah’s only Spanish-language series.

The idea for Perlas de la Tora came about when it was observed that OU Torah had quite a lot of Spanish-speakers following its Facebook page. (You do follow OU Torah on Facebook and Twitter, don’t you?) How could OU Torah accommodate these loyal followers, and service many more Spanish-speakers in the Jewish community? To that end, we approached Rabbi Lashak.

Rabbi Lashak, Regional Director of Southwest NCSY, was born in Mexico City and has been instrumental in bringing Torah to Jews in Latin America. Despite his rigorous schedule, he was more than happy to take on this extra task and Perlas de la Tora was born. For three years, Rabbi Lashak has provided this brief weekly shiur, sharing insights into the parsha and Jewish holidays.

So, if you’re a Spanish speaker, prueba Perlas de la Tora – you’ll be glad you did!