Got a minute? How about ten?

Are we permitted to pray that someone who is not observant or who is “off the derech” becomes more religious? After all, they have free will to make their own choices, so who are we to ask G-d to influence their decisions? Isn’t that a good question? Don’t you wish you had the answer? Well, now you can – right here!

OU Torah is proud to announce a new series – Practical Halacha by Rabbi Avi Zakutinsky! In these concise overviews, Rabbi Zakutinsky addresses pertinent questions of Jewish law. May a kohein visit the grave of a tzaddik? Should one use one hand or two when blessing his children? Why do we use the mother’s name when praying for the sick? These and many other relevant topics will be covered in the course of this fascinating series.

So, check out Practical Halacha today, and check back often as new shiurim on many timely subjects will be added frequently!