Follow the Leader

With Daf Yomi, Nach Yomi, Mishna Yomit, daily halacha, copious parsha series, and more, OU Torah is an undisputed leader in the dissemination of Torah online. Do YOU follow the leader?

Here are some of the ways that you can follow OU Torah:

Facebook: go to to follow OU Torah on Facebook – each morning, we post the day’s features and, in the afternoon, we alert you to any parsha series entries that may have been posted that day.

Twitter: follow us on Twitter at Tweets scattered throughout the day will tell you what’s new on OU Torah!

The OU Torah App: It’s the yeshiva in your pocket! Currently available for iOS devices, the OU Torah app enables users to enjoy all their favorite series in new ways! Read divrei Torah and listen to shiurim on your phone or mobile device, download them for later – even set up your own personal playlists! Visit for more information and to download.

MySpace: You’re on your own.

Yes, OU Torah is a leader. Follow us online to keep up with what’s going on!