SPIRIT: Fall Prevention

This program will include:  Brief discussion on why fall prevention is important Review common fall risk factors Learn safety techniques and ways to reduce your risk of falling – with […]

SPIRIT: Think BIG! with Parkinson’s

This program will include:  This presentation will go through the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease, along with common treatment strategies. The LSVT BIG treatment method will be the main […]

SPIRIT: The ABCs of Eating Out

The ABCs of Eating Out Throughout the year we are often invited to eat in various venues, be it a restaurant, a shabbos kiddush, or at a catered event. When […]

SPIRIT: Postural Therapy Movement

POSTURAL THERAPY MOVEMENT  The Postural Therapy Movement Class is filled with unique and fun postural stretches and exercises which are designed to help you stand and sit up straighter, walk […]

SPIRIT: Mortgage Issues for Baby Boomers

Mortgage Issues for Baby Boomers Baby Boomers often have special issues when seeking financing that they didn’t have when they last financed. This presentation will address many of these issues […]

SPIRIT: Parkinson’s Support Group

First Session:  Wednesday evening, 8/16/2023 -- 8 pm EDT on Zoom Register here to receive the Zoom link for participation: The Parkinson’s Support Group Sessions will not be recorded. The […]

SPIRIT: Forever Growing…. into a new year

Forever Growing.... into a new year Saying yes to new things expands us. Curiosity and love of learning keep us vibrant. Taking Risks grows our adventurous and fun-loving spirit Opening […]