Ad D’lo Yada (Until one doesn’t know. . .) We Do Know. . .

Join us for a discussion of INSIGHTS ABOUT ALCOHOL USE THROUGH THE GENERATIONS. Presented by: Ruchama Bistritzky-Clapman, Founder/Executive Director, MASK (Mothers & Fathers Aligned Saving Kids) and Rabbi Dr. Benzion […]

SPIRIT: Yours Eyes as You Age

Common Age-Related Eye Disorders – Eyes are the most important organ of human perception, and 80% of knowledge and memory in the brain are acquired through eyes. As we get […]

Elder Fraud Scams: Awareness and Avoidance

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY, United States

Elder Fraud Scams: Awareness and Avoidance The law enforcement community has seen a steady increase in both the number of scams targeting seniors, as well as the loss amounts to […]