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Kristalnacht Holocaust Commemoration, Part II

Kristalnacht Holocaust Commemoration, Part II In commemoration of Kristalnacht, the night of broken glass, 82 years ago, the SPIRIT program is  honored to hear from several children of survivors who […]

SPIRIT: Creating Functional and Healthy Relationships

Creating Functional and Healthy relationships Learn the essence and importance of healthy relationships Understand what it takes to have a healthy relationship Learn how to create and nurture healthy relationships […]

SPIRIT: Self-care for the Caregiver

Self-care for the Caregiver How do we keep ourselves motivated and stimulated while caring for our loved ones Get Rid of the Guilt Self-care when there is no time Calling […]

SPIRIT: Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten-Free Baking Chocolate cake (great for Pesach!) Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Cream-filled cupcakes Chocolate rum balls Presented by Elaine Bodenheimer While living in New York,  Elaine Bodenheimer taught gluten-free baking classes for 13 […]

SPIRIT: Managing Neck and Back Pain

Managing Neck and Back Pain Presented by:  Dr. John A. Buza, MD - Neck and low back pain are very common, and the exact cause of pain is often difficult to […]

West Coast Rebbetzins Conference 2020

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

CARE & CONNECTIONS in COVID: THE REBBETZIN'S ROLE A Panel Discussion with Rebbetzin Sara Frieberg, Assistant Rebbetzin & Coordinator of Women's Engagement, Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Rebbetzin Dr. […]