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Understanding and Accessing Government Programs During COVID-19

COVID-19 has created opportunities to help communities access free meals across the country. Yehuda Friedman, OU, will discuss national kosher food distribution with Mimi Jankovits, FL Director of Teach, and Arielle Frankston Morris, PA Director of Teach.

Shavuos Mother-Daughter Learning and Art Event

Calling all mothers and daughters aged 9-12 - Join OU Israel L'Ayla for a special mother-daughter evening in preparation for Shavuot! We will learn sources together, discuss, and then create!

Half-Hour Inspiration

Uplifting thoughtful daily insight with Rabbi Aaron Greenberg from OU-JLIC of Greater Toronto.

The OU’s Daily Tehillim Call

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

Join the OU's daily Tehillim and Chizuk call Sunday-Friday at 1:00 PM EDT and connect with Jews across the world for daily inspiration.

Daily Dvar

Dovid and Rus - Ancestral Reflections Featuring Mrs. Aviva Orlian

Calm Amid Corona

Connecting Couples During COVID-19 - Featuring Rabbi Michael Bleicher

Shavuos Papercutting

This is an opportunity to learn about the custom of Roizelach and create Shavuos floral papercuts for your home. With Mrs. Liz Diament, Senior Educator, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. and Mrs. Ann Koffsky, Art Director, Author and Artist.