Join YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago: Learn for Victims of Terror

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Israel Project

In response to the wave of terror attacks that have been taking place in Israel since Rosh Hashannah, Yeshiva University’s Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago has dedicated the learning between Mincha and Maariv to the memory of those killed. “Because the situation is ongoing, it’s hard to respond the way we would to an acute crisis. But we wanted to do something,” says Rabbi Reuven Brand, Rosh Kollel. The Kollel began by reaching out to a few local synagogues to join them in establishing this learning as a tribute to the victims of terror. Every day, the name of the individual for whom the learning will take place is announced, and information is given out so shul members can learn more about the person.

As other synagogues began to hear about the initiative, they asked to join. There are now over 50 synagogues participating, including from Germany, South Africa, Mexico and the UK.

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