Charlie Harary is Coming!

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Is there anyone who follows Torah online who isn’t familiar with Charlie Harary, Esq.? He’s so prolific, his content would be pretty hard to miss!

The Senior Director of Capital Markets at RXR Realty, Mr. Harary is a speaker internationally renowned for his passionate lectures on a wide variety of topics, including personal growth, entrepreneurship, social change and spirituality. He also serves as a Clinical Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University. Among his many other activities and accomplishments, Mr. Harary hosts The Charlie Harary Show on Theblaze Radio Network and Unlocking Greatness on the NSN radio network, and is the official scholar-in-residence for OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services.

Shiurim from Charlie Harary can be found on many Torah websites, including YUTorah, Aish and, of course, OU Torah and OU Holidays. If you’d like to experience some of his timely divrei chizuk, we recommend Foundations: Passover on OU Holidays (because it’s almost Pesach) and his series on the Six Constant Mitzvot on OU Torah (which, by definition, apply all the time).

You can also be inspired by Mr. Harary live and in-person at the OU’s upcoming Torah New York event, scheduled for April 29, 2018, indoors at Citi Field. Get full details and sign up at!