All New for Adar 2!

One of the most intriguing halacha series on OU Torah is A Responsum a Day by Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein. Rabbi Rothstein is a longtime contributor to OU Torah, delivering many shiurim for the OU’s Nach Yomi and Shnayim Mikra, as well as penning synopses on the haftarah (which can best be found by subscribing to OU Torah’s weekly Shavua Tov email, where they are prominently featured!) . There’s also Change Your Pesach, Change Your Life, which you may want to keep in mind for a few weeks from now. But the crown jewel of Rabbi Rothstein’s contributions to OU Torah is no doubt A Responsum a Day.

A Responsum a Day is unique in that it not only offers a shiur from halachic responsa literature each day, but each day’s teshuvah (responsum) was written on that same Hebrew calendar date. (Accordingly, there are no shiurim for Hebrew dates that are yom tov.)

We are now in the second cycle of A Responsum a Day, which means added value for you as a listener! You see, last year, when the series initially ran, there was only one Adar. This year there are two Adars so you get an entire month of brand-new shiurim! (Actually, slightly more thanks to 30 Adar I.)

Here are just a few of the fascinating topics addressed by Rabbi Rothstein in this month of new shiurim:

R. Moshe Feinstein and Tzitz Eliezer on Heart Transplants and Brain Death (II Adar 1)

R. Hayyim David Halevy on Whether We’ll See Each Other in the World to Come (II Adar 3)

Klausenberger Rebbe on Women Fasting on Ta’anit Esther (II Adar 10)

R. Gestetner on How to Become an Author of Good Sefarim (II Adar 15)

Binyan Tzion on When an Invalid Torah Scroll Mixes with Others (II Adar 29)

and many other equally thought-provoking topics!

All of these shiurim are available for listening now but we recommend visiting OU Torah daily for the full Responsum-a-Day experience! You can also follow A Responsum a Day by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android.