US Withdraws from Nuclear Deal

09 May 2018

President Trump announced that he will not waive sanctions on Iran, effectively withdrawing the US from the Iran deal. The sanctions target nations, businesses and individuals that engage in financial dealing with Iran.

Over recent weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson all encouraged Trump to stay in the deal, which trades sanctions relief in exchange for Iran rolling back its nuclear program. Trump had said he would consider staying in the deal if it were renegotiated to remove clauses that allow Iran to resume some enrichment of fissionable material. Other US allies, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, encouraged the US to withdraw from the deal. In his announcement, Trump credited Prime Minister Netanyahu’s revelation of Iranian documents showing that Iran had hidden the scope of its nuclear weapons development.

“This was a one-sided deal that should have never ever been made,” Trump said.

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