Special Invitation to View Summer Programs in Israel

29 Jun 2017
Board Engagement

Do your summer plans include a trip to Israel? If so we would love to provide you exclusive access to see the OU’s programs in action.  This summer you’ll have the opportunity to join us for numerous events like the Tisha B’Av NCSY Kollel kumsitz at the Kotel. As the hours of this tragic day fade away, the teens on NCSY Kollel take to the Western Wall plaza to unite in song.  And be sure to join us the following day for Yom NCSY – a celebration where all NCSY Summer’s programs in Israel gather at one event with a musical performance, BBQ and more.

But there is nothing like seeing the actual programs at work first-hand. As a member of the OU’s lay leadership we would love to give you firsthand experience of the impact that these programs and services have!  Give us half a day and we’ll provide memories to last a lifetime.

The numerous NCSY Summer trips in Israel include
Michlelet, Give and TJJ – you’ll witness teens from every spectrum of Judaism experiencing the atmosphere of Israel like no other teen travel group in the world.

A couple of OU Israel summer highlights are
Camp Dror, a sleepaway camp for 6th-10th graders based in the picturesque Golan, and the Pearl and Harold Jacobs Zula Outreach Center in Jerusalem, a safe haven for religious teens who may not have a clear path in life but are seeking a comfortable environment where they can find someone to talk to and connect with.

Yachad’s summer programs in Israel include
Yad B’Yad, where high school students join Yachad members on fabulous touring adventures around the country.

In only its second year
OU-JLIC’s Summer in Jerusalem program is giving college students the opportunity to live, work and learn in the heart of the Old City.  The students work internships by day and have a beit midrash learning program at night.

And of course you won’t want to miss the opportunity of meeting up with an
 Israel Free Spirit-Taglit Birthright trip as you witness young adults experience the Holy Land for the first time.

Thankfully, all the OU’s programs in Israel this summer are too numerous to list and provide further detail. However we’d be happy to talk to you about elevating your Israel experience this summer. To arrange your visit please contact Hannah Farkas at 212.613.8351 or