OU Board Recommendations Request

At the Orthodox Union, we are privileged to experience the best of the social and spiritual entrepreneurship that is the hallmark of our people. Both our professional staff and our lay leaders in every department are dreaming and implementing new ways to develop and advance the level of service of the organization and the uplifting religious connection it provides.

Since 1898, the impact of the Orthodox Union (OU) has been felt in areas ranging from our standard of kosher supervision to community building and outreach; from next generation programming and services, to meaningful Torah education, to government relations affecting our community. From our synagogues to our government, from our children to what’s in our kitchen cabinets, the OU’s impact is felt in every corner of vibrant Jewish life. Our lay leadership embodies that notion, with men and women who dedicate themselves to the OU. The OU’s accomplishments are dependent upon this indispensable partnership between lay leadership and professional staff.

With the current 2-year term coming to a close, we are asking you to help continue this legacy. Please take the opportunity by nominating community leaders who will be committed to the mission of the OU and its programs for service on the OU’s Board of Directors. The Orthodox Union’s Nominating and Board Resource Committee is reaching out to its constituency for recommendations for Officers, Directors and Governors of the Orthodox Union. The term is 2 years for each position commencing following the election, to be held at the OU’s Biennial Convention in December 2022 or January 2023.

The Nominating and Board Resource Committee is looking for qualified individuals to help guide and shape the policies and priorities of the OU and its programs.  Board meetings are held six times a year and are conducted in person and on Zoom.  Officers and Directors are expected to make (and encourage others to make) meaningful annual gifts to the Orthodox Union and its programs, with minimum annual commitments beginning at $10,000.

Click here to view the OU Board Member Job Description

We would appreciate your suggestions and input. We are particularly keen to increase the geographic diversity of the Board.  We also are seeking candidates with professional expertise in consulting fields (marketing, insurance, cybersecurity, compensation, social media, etc.).  Please complete the nomination form below for each person being recommended. Alternatively, you can download and complete the print version by clicking here and return it (via email hannahf@ou.org, or fax 212.613.8351) to Hannah Farkas by June 30, 2022. Obviously, we cannot guarantee the ultimate outcome of the Nominating Committee’s recommendations.