Sarsour Apologizes for Women’s March Anti-Semitism

21 Nov 2018

Linda Sarsour has released a statement apologizing on behalf of the Women’s March for the movement being too slow to show its commitment to fighting anti-Semitism. The organization has come under renewed fire recently for co-chair Tamika Mallory’s association with Louis Farrakhan, anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam. In February, Mallory posted a photo of herself with Farrakhan after he gave a speech laced with anti-Semitic statements.

The controversy came up again recently when actress Alyssa Milano said she would not speak at next year’s Women’s March because the movement had not adequately addressed anti-Semitism. This week, Women’s March co-founder Teresa Shook called on the movement’s current organizers to step down because they have “allowed anti-Semitism.”

“We should have been faster and clearer in helping people understand our values and our commitment to fighting anti-semitism. We regret that,” Sarsour wrote in her statement. “Every member of our movement matters to us — including our incredible Jewish … members. We are deeply sorry for the harm we have caused, but we see you, we love you, and we are fighting with you.”

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