It’s That Time Of Year Again: The OU Guide To Passover 2016 Is Now Available

17 Mar 2016

What would Passover be without The Orthodox Union’s Guide to Passover? The OU announced today that this year’s edition will soon be shipped to all subscribers to the OU’s Jewish Action magazine, and to individuals, synagogues, organizations and retail stores that have placed orders at It contains a fascinating array of informative essays and information, and of course, a comprehensive list of products that do not need the OU-P symbol as long as they are already OU-certified for Passover, and another of the items that do need the special Kosher for Passover designation.

With a print run of close to 100,000, the Orthodox Union’s 2016 Guide to Passover is much in demand, as always.

Passover this year begins on Friday night April 22, when the first seder is held in conjunction with Shabbat, and extends through Saturday, April 30 when Yizkor, the Jewish memorial prayer for deceased relatives, is recited, with the Festival concluding at nightfall.

According to Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher, “A spring bestseller in the Jewish community is always the OU Passover Guide. This year, once again, the publication will offer a variety of new features, and will be of great value for those who seek a meaningful and kosher Passover. Second only to the Haggadah, it is the indispensable book for the Jewish home at Passover.”

The 104-page Guide contains:

A variety of annual features return as well: OU Consumer Guide to Passover; All-year-round Products; OU-P listing; OU Kitniyot; Matzah Ashira; Infant Formula and Dietary Supplements; Non-Food Items;  Guidelines for Medicines;  Halachic Times for Passover; Observing the Passover Holiday;  Kashering Primer; Passover Recipe Substitutions; Sefirat HaOmer – calendar for counting the Omer.

The Editor of the Guide is Carrie Beylus, OU Director of Design and Branding. Senior Editors are Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz and Rabbi Moshe Zywica. The beautiful and easy-to-read layout was designed by Tova Belsh.

The Guide is a supplement of Jewish Action and is free-of-charge to OU members and all who regularly receive the magazine. OU member shuls get it (free of charge) in bulk deliveries based on the numbers they request. It will be online on Ta’anit Esther — Wednesday, March 23rd. It can be ordered (while supplies last) at Individual issues sell for $3.50 plus shipping and handling. ShopRite has its own edition that they purchase and distribute in their stores for the convenience of their shoppers.

As an alternate to a printed copy, the full range of information in this year’s Guide, is available at Information from the Guide can also be accessed through the OU Kosher app, available for IOS and Android.