New Congressperson Moves to Overturn 181-Year-Old House Ban on Headgear

20 Nov 2018

Ilhan Omar, a newly-elected Congressperson from Minnesota and one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to the House of Representatives, is a co-authoring a proposal to overturn the 181-year-old rule banning Congress members from wearing hats of any kind. Omar wears hijab, the Muslim headscarf. (Rashida Tlaib, the other newly-elected Muslim woman, does not.)

“The OU has long supported laws and policies that foster the accommodation of religious practices in the workplace,” said Nathan Diament, executive director of the Orthodox Union’s Advocacy Center. “Religious practices such as wearing religious garb, whether a kippah or a hijab, should be accommodated in all workplaces, including Congress.”

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