Like Uber, Except for Tefillin

16 Jul 2018

If you can order a ride with your phone, why should tefillin be any different? That’s the question that led to the creation of Wrapp, “the Uber of the tefillin world.” The free app connects those who have tefillin with those who need them.

The app, which launched last month, is the creation of a 39-year-old businessman from Brooklyn, a Lubavitcher chasid named Shimon. Wrapp has already has signed up more than 4,500 providers in the US, Israel, Canada, the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Providers make their tefillin available to requesters within a 20-mile radius, though that can be adjusted to as small a radius as one mile.

Shimon, who prefers to reain incognito to avoid a deluge of emails and suggestions, acknowledges that an app that enables users to summon a Jew to a predetermined address raises security concerns. “[O]ur advice is: If it’s fishy, don’t go!” he says.

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