Daf Yomi

20 Jun 2006

[m., pl. generally not used]; the “Daily Daf,” the learning of one “Daf,” or (2-sided) page of Talmud, each day. This idea was the result of the genius of Rabbi Meir Schapiro, in order to bring Torah learning to the masses. In our time, the idea has caught on “like wildfire,” and worldwide, at least tens, probably hundreds of thousands of Jews participate in the program, that allows them, at least to make contact, if not to thoroughly analyze, the entire Talmud in approximately seven years.

Another major contributor to the success of this program is the ArtScroll Publishing Company and the Schottenstein Family that has supported the publication of a version of the Talmud that retains the traditional look of a page of the Talmud, but provides an excellent translation, and an even more excellent set of explanatory notes, that help make the sometimes difficult logic of the Talmud more comprehensible to scholar and layman alike.