Siftei Kohen (1621-1662)

12 Feb 2014

Rabbi Shabbetai Kohen; known as the “SHACH,” based on abbreviation of the expression “Siftei Kohen” meaning “Lips of the Kohen,” or Priest, found in Malachi (2:7), “for the lips of the Kohen shall preserve knowledge, and they should seek the wisdom of the Torah from his mouth.”

Though born in Vilna, he was forced to flee to Moravia by the Chmielnicki Massacres of 1648-1656.

His commentary covers the sections of the Shulchan Aruch “Yoreh Deah” and “Choshen Mishpat,” dealing with Laws of Kashrut, etc. and Monetary and Business Halachah, etc,. respectively.