Jews in Spider-Man Video Game Take Shabbat Off

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24 Apr 2019

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 is has received positive reviews for its game play and graphics, including an impressively-detailed re-creation of modern Manhattan. Additionally, an overlooked “Easter egg” has just been revealed: Orthodox Jews in the game don’t work on Shabbat!

Photo: Insomniac Games/Sony
Photo: Insomniac Games/Sony

The game features many of the varied residents of New York City but, according to Insomniac Games senior programmer Elan Ruskin, the visibly-Jewish characters in the game obey the same religious laws as real-life Orthodox Jews. Accordingly, if one were to play the game on a Saturday, the Jews will not be found. (Apparently, they’ve all “gone home.”)

The “Easter egg” was not readily apparent to players because there is not a particularly high percentage of Orthodox Jews among the background characters.

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