Israeli President to Haredi Soldiers: You Serve Without Sacrificing an Iota of Your Faith

07 Feb 2018

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited an IDF transport base, where he spoke with soldiers from the haredi battalion Abirei Hashachar and with Nahal Haredi rabbis. “I see that every person has the capacity to maintain the lifestyle that follows the dictates of his conscience and simultaneously serve in the IDF, which is our collective duty,” President Rivlin said. He also acknowledged that there are also “people who learn and genuinely ‘kill themselves in the tent of Torah,’ and that it is forbidden to disturb or bar them from even one moment of learning—because they are the ones who can do this, who accomplish and ascend to such lofty levels.

The Nahal Haredi rabbis responded that “The meeting between the president and Haredi soldiers was very significant and a tremendous boon and encouragement for soldiers who willfully choose to join the IDF despite major social pressure against them and extremists in the Haredi sector.”

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