Israel Mourns Teens Killed in Flood

30 Apr 2018

Thousands gathered in Tel Aviv to mourn the ten teens who were killed in flash floods during a trip organized by a pre-military preparatory program.

Ariel Konkol, 17, said that she met one of the victims. “It’s impossible to forget her big smile,” she said. “An insanely funny girl who always elevated everyone’s mood.”

18-year-old yeshiva student Noam Ben Yair stood out in the mostly-secular crowd. “All my friends heard about the disaster and told me they want to be here,” he said. “The fact that the dead are secular does not change a thing for us.” Regarding the non-Jews who also died in the flash floods this week, he said, “I was glued to the news for the past few days and no one mentioned them. It’s too bad that I didn’t hear about them. It hurts me just as much.”

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