Haredi Responsible for Reversing British Jewish Population Decline

21 Jun 2018

A new study published by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) and the Board of Deputies of British Jews indicates that high birthrates among Haredi Orthodox Jews are responsible for the recent growth in the number of British Jews after decades of decline. Births in the British Jewish community have reportedly exceeded deaths every year since 2006, implying “Jewish demographic growth in the United Kingdom.”

The birthrate in the Haredi community is approximately seven children per woman, while the number of deaths in that group has decreased noticeably in connection with improved health services and life expectancy. The birthrate for the mainstream Jewish community in the UK is 1.98 children per woman, just slightly above the national average. Combined with the Haredim, the total Jewish birthrate averages to 2.6 per woman.

Haredi Jews are a growing minority among British Jewry. The report’s authors estimate that in 2015, Haredi births accounted for 47% of all Jewish births.

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