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SPIRIT: ALONE TOGETHER (again!) Preparing for the Chagim

ALONE TOGETHER (again!) - PREPARING FOR THE CHAGIM Jews are experienced in facing adversity.  The goal for this session is to learn to:  Acknowledge and accept feelings  Gain greater understanding of […]


  Xi Gong: Improving Mental and Physical Health -- Part II What is Xi Gong? Xi Gong is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health. Xi Gong benefits […]

SPIRIT: Nutrition for a Healthy Brain and Memory

NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN AND MEMORY Foods to protect the aging brain Food and supplements to boost memory Reducing risks for cognitive decline and dementia Presented by: Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., […]

SPIRIT: How Old Seforim Come Alive

"How Old Seforim Come Alive" Presented by: Eli Genauer Eli Genauer is a collector of antique Seforim living in Seattle, Washington. He has written and lectured extensively about his collection. His […]

SPIRIT: Empty Nester Cooking

EMPTY NESTER COOKING with Rochelle Rothman, Rochelle Rothman has been a dynamic,top Star Sales Manager for Tupperware Corporation, for over 51 years.  She has perfected her recipes while demonstrating her […]

SPIRIT: Breast Cancer in 2020

Presented by: Lauren Elreda MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Hematology/Oncology Weill Cornell Medicine | NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Dr. Elrada graduated from Ross University School of Medicine. Completed her residency […]

SPIRIT: Changing Your Space to Age in Place

The presentation will focus on home modifications that can be done to improve life safety, prevent falls and provide convenience so that seniors can live independently with support for their particular […]

SPIRIT: Heart Health

HEART HEALTH This session will provide: Overview of cardiovascular disease including coronary artery disease, hypertension, and congestive heart failure. Review of various cardiac testing modalities for the diagnosis and treatment of […]