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Tzurba Halacha

Rise like a lion, and start your day with some Halacha with Rabbi Aaron Greenberg from OU-JLIC of Greater Toronto.

SPIRIT: Relax & Destress with Chair Yoga

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

SPIRIT: Relax & De-stress with Chair Yoga Learn how to stretch and breathe from the comfort of your home, car, or office Presented by Ronda Stoller Wunsch, Certified Yoga Instructor […]

A Weekly Parsha Shiur with OU-JLIC

Join Rabbi Meyer Friedman, OU-JLIC Rabbi for this weekly parsha shiur. He would travel weekly to NYU, Baruch and Queens College to give Lunch & Learn shiur to the OU-JLIC students there. And now you can join his shiur!

Half-Hour Inspiration

Uplifting thoughtful daily insight with Rabbi Aaron Greenberg from OU-JLIC of Greater Toronto.

The OU’s Daily Tehillim Call

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

Join the OU's daily Tehillim and Chizuk call Sunday-Friday at 1:00 PM EDT and connect with Jews across the world for daily inspiration.

Daily Dvar

5 To Go: 5 New Divrei Torah for Parshat Bamidbar - Featuring Rabbi Andrew Markowitz

Yachad’s Virtual Family Shabbaton

Yachad presents The Virtual Yachad Family Shabbaton! This unique program offers parents who have children with special needs an opportunity to gain resources and receive chizuk from inspirational speakers.