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los-angelesThe OU West Coast Region office was the first OU regional office outside of the New York area. It serves all the communities in the entire West Coast region, from Vancouver to San Diego and as east as Denver, CO. Under the capable directorship of Rabbi Alan Kalinsky for over thirty years, the OU West Coast Region has played an invaluable role in raising the level of Orthodoxy and Torah Judaism throughout the Western United States and Canada.

Our Los Angeles based office is located in the heart of the largest Jewish community outside of the metropolitan New York area, and our building is the west coast home to NCSYs headquarters, our administrative office, our community & synagogue services office, Yachad, Women’s Torah Network and OU-JLIC, as well as being a community resource for Torah study and other Judaic programming.

Watch: Shiva Asar B’Tamuz 5780

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