OU offers Synagogues free Safety Reflector Belts

The OU is proud to spearhead a safety initiative to encourage the use of safety reflector belts and will provide safety reflector belts to all shuls free of charge. These reflector belts can be worn over coats and other garments and provide enhanced visibility even in low light conditions. Studies have shown that increasing pedestrian visibility utilizing bright colors has great potential to enable drivers to detect pedestrians and cyclists earlier, potentially avoiding tragic accidents.

Due to the importance of this initiative, all costs including shipping will be covered by the OU, and Shuls will not incur any out of pocket expenses. As the number of belts available are limited, we kindly ask that when placing your order, you carefully consider the quantity of belts that will be used and worn by your congregants.

Please read the linked article on the OU website that highlights important tips to keep in mind when traveling on public roadways at night.

Order online or by phone 212.613.8300

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