Ari Fuld Hy’d Tribute

  • Dear Rabbis and community leaders,

    The Jewish people as a whole are still reeling with collective shock and mourning over the brutal and senseless murder of Ari Fuld Hy'd in the hours before Yom Kippur. This tragedy clearly struck a chord with the North American community and reminds us of the deep bonds we have with Acheinu Bnei Yisrael. It has been noted that it is likely that hundreds if not thousands of Yom Kippur Drashot were dedicated to Ari and the powerful lessons his life has taught. As a tribute to him and all of the other victims of terror, the Orthodox Union is compiling a national repository of these Drashot to present to the family after Sukkot.

    If you spoke about Ari over this Chag season, we would kindly request that you share your words with us so that we can present this compilation as a lasting tribute and a show of achdut. You can either send your words anonymously, or with attribution with your name and the community where you delivered these remarks.

    Be'ezrat Hashem, we pray that the family will be zoche to Nechama and that this show of unity will be מעורר רחמי שמים עלינו ועל כל בני ישראל.
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  • (If you did speak about Ari but do not have a written text to share at this time, please feel free to add your name and the name of your community with a short message so that the family can see the breadth of the communities that learned from his life.)