About the Homeland Security Grant Writing Program

The following important information will help you as you apply for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) for your shul:

As we have stressed repeatedly, it is critical for your institution to begin the application process now, as deadlines to apply are approaching rapidly. If you wait for more information to be released, your institution will likely miss out on the opportunity to receive an NSGP grant for 2020.

The OU has retained a grant writing team led by Ms. Rebekah Rybstein in conjunction with our TEACH NYS Maximization Department to work with shuls to navigate the Homeland Security grant process and increase their chances of success.

The cost for this service is $1,800 for member shuls and $2000 for non-members.  The service includes the following:

  • Our grants team will outline and discuss the required grant components with the shul.
  • The team will develop a timeline with the shul for completion of all of the grant requirements.
  • The team will construct the proposal from A-Z, prepare all the necessary components of the grant, and submit the application package on behalf of the shul.

Please note – There is no guarantee offered or implied that any specific institution will actually receive funding from this grant. We are offering this service as a way to assist shuls in this process.

If you are interested in utilizing this service, please click here and complete a short intake and payment form.  Our grants team will then follow up to begin the process with you.  We are asking that shuls designate one primary liaison who will work with our grants team to ensure smooth communication.

 In addition, we have put together the following guidelines and tips to help your institution start the application process immediately:

  • To be eligible for an NSGP grant, your institution must be a non-for-profit organization and have a DUNS
  • Your institution must complete a risk and vulnerability survey. This survey serves as the basis of your grant request and must be submitted with your application.
  • Your institution must also write an “Investment Justification” – the body of the grant. We do not expect the guidelines for the investment justification to differ much from last year, so you can begin working on this section using last year’s guidelines, which may be viewed here.
  • Each state has its own application process and requirements, so it’s crucial for your institution to contact your State Administrative Agency (SAA) to get this information. The contact information is available

For 2020, Congress allocated $90 million for the NSGP, another year of record funding. Our sister organization, the OU Advocacy Center, spent the last year strenuously advocating to secure this funding level for our institutions. It is also the second year in a row that the program includes $40 million for institutions and other nonprofits located outside major metropolitan areas that had previously been ineligible to apply for the program. Please click here to determine whether your institution is in a qualified area per last year’s guidelines.

Thank you for your continued partnership with the OU.  Thanks to your dedication and support, we will continue to fight for programs such as the NSGP that make our communities safer.