Anne Frank House Employee Banned from Wearing Yarmulke at Work

16 Apr 2018

When Barry Vingerling, 25, showed up for work on his first day at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, he was told to remove his yarmulke on the basis that it might “endanger the neutrality” of the foundation that runs the museum and “influence its work combating antisemitism.”

Vingerling was informed that wearing a yarmulke was prohibited by the Anne Frank House as employees are not permitted to wear Jewish symbols. Vingerling was instructed that he had to apply for formal permission to wear his yarmulke at the Anne Frank Foundation. As a temporary solution, the employee was permitted to cover his head with a baseball cap bearing the logo of the Anne Frank House.

After more than six months of deliberation, the board of the Anne Frank Foundation finally permitted Vingerling to wear his yarmulke. Said Vingerling, “’I work in the house of Anne Frank, who had to hide because of her identity. In that same house I should hide my identity?”

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